Six Steps

Let's Get Acquainted

We'd love to connect with you. Please submit your contact info and a few details about your project, an we'll send you our 10-minute Client Survey to fill out. Once we receive that, we'll give you a call to discuss your needs and vision and make sure we're a good fit for each other. We'll schedule a time to come out, sit down together to discuss the project scope, budget, and timeline.

Based on our initial meeting, we'll develop and lay out the upcoming design process.

Step One

The Design Details

With a signed Design Agreement under way, our design team will visit you to discuss the details of your project and evaluate your existing space and conditions. We'll work with you to come up with a structural design you love using renderings, layouts, and elevations for you to visualize your new space. At your Design Walk-Through, we'll make sure we're all on the same page and prepare to sign your Construction Agreement.

Design Details

Agreeing Terms

You will meet with our team as we walk you through the completed estimate and construction agreement. We are here to listen to and answer your questions.

Agreeing Terms

The Pretty Stuff

This is the fun part! After all the construction talk, now you get to work with us on making your home yours. Lydia, who is our selection coordinator, will guide you through every choice that determines the look and feel of your home. Colors, cabinet design, and styles.

You'll be able to see, feel, touch, and choose all the elements to personalize your home. Lydia along with our vendors will walk you step-by-step through the entire process to help bring your style home.

Pretty Stuff

Down To Nuts And Bolts

We're ready to start the pre-construction phase! We will create final construction drawings including structural engineering as needed and complete the permitting process.

At our Pre-Construction Walk-Through, we'll get together to finalize details and get ready to begin construction! We'll discuss the project sequence, key dates, production schedule, and review the scope of work.

Nuts and Bolts

The Full Package

We know big projects can seem overwhelming. Nothing is more important to us than you being confident you hired the right company for your job. We want you to know that being a design/build company means that we handle everything under one roof as a team. We've got it all covered! We use client-friendly construction software to keep you up to speed on everything from scheduling to selections to the final walk-through, so you'll never feel lost along the way.

We're proud to have worked with existing clients on repeat projects time and time again, in turn creating lasting relationships. There's no greater compliment than being invited back into your home to continue to make it yours.

Full Package

When Clients Come First, Happiness Always Follows

See the results of our Design Build Process.