• 1. Ridge and Soffit Vents
    To help keep homes properly ventilated. Removing moisture from the home.
  • 2. High Grade Maintenance Free Vinyl Siding
  • 3. Attic Insulation
    R44 blown in cellulose.
  • 4. Water and Ice Shield
    To protect homes from ice dams.
  • 5. Advantek Wall and Roof Sheathing with 50 Year Warranty
  • 6. Water Filter
  • 7. Trim
    High Grade Maintenance Free Exterior PVC Trim.
  • 8. Roof Engineered to a 90lb Per Sq Ft Ground Snow Load
  • 9. Damp Proofing System
    Damp proofing added to prevent leaks in foundation walls.
  • 10. Concrete Foundation
    Reinforced with rebar to limit cracking.
  • 11. Heat Pump Water Heater
    3x more efficient than standard electric water heaters.
  • 12. Sub Slab Passive Radon System
  • 13. French Drains
    Encased in crushed stone and piping to daylight.
  • 14. Bath Fans
    We use high efficiency low sone bath fans with extra venting in every house to help control the moisture levels and UV lights to disinfect.
  • 15. All Floors Engineered for a 40lb Live Load and 10lb Dead
  • 16. Insulated Low E Glass Windows
    Energy efficient.
  • 17. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    We put hardwired carbon monoxide detectors in every home for your safety.
  • 18. 3rd Party Home Inspection
    To make sure no details are left undone at the end of construction.
  • 19. Scheduling Software
    Our user-friendly ConstructionOnline software makes it possible for you to check on the latest developments on your build.
  • 20. Duct Cleaning (optional)
    We offer duct cleaning to eliminate any construction dust on all our new construction to make sure the air is clean when you move in your home.

More Options

  • Metal Roofing
  • 30 Year Architectural Roof Shingles
  • Solid ¾” Hardwood Flooring
  • Spray Foam
  • Rigid Foam
  • Sediment Filters - for wells.
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Generators

EV Charger - Many homeowners are choosing to have an EV charger installed by our electrician at the time of construction.


Geothermal - We build some homes using Geothermal heating and can tell you about the benefits and show you the future cost savings.

Solar Panels - We help homeowners source reputable solar contractors and prepare your home to be solar-ready at the time of the build.